A Helping Handful

Salad has contributed to 1% for the Planet and supporting charities since our founding day. By committing a share of our annual profits to offsetting the impact of our network, we hope to ensure that our Kitchen will always nourish the world.

In addition, every human we hire chooses a charitable organization to feature in the Salad Storefront. It's our way of celebrating their contributions, honoring their disparate backgrounds and values, and inviting our community to join us in giving back.

Every year, Salad Chefs across the globe help us discover and support new organizations by making countless individual donations to the featured charities below.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a non-partisan organization founded in 1920 to defend and preserve civil liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Through legislation, litigation, and community projects, the ACLU has won landmark cases that support free speech, advocate religious tolerance, and combat discrimination.

American Kidney Fund

The American Kidney Fund (AKF) works on behalf of the 37 million Americans living with kidney disease to advocate prevention education, early detection, disease management, and clinical research. Thanks to individual contributions, AKF also offers financial support to kidney failure patients who cannot afford the ongoing costs of care.

Animal Welfare Institute

The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) seeks to prevent human-inflicted harm to all creatures. By promoting ethical treatment and combating animal abuse, AWI has impacted the lives of countless animals found in laboratories, on farms, in fragile marine and terrestrial ecosystems, and at home.

Arizona Burn Foundation

The Arizona Burn Foundation has provided support programs for children and adult burn survivors and their families since 1967. Their volunteers collaborate with medical professionals, burn centers, and hospitals across the state to ensure that anyone who suffers a burn injury receives the highest standard of care and assistance.

Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code offers young women of color a place to develop skills in computer programming and engineering in order to forge successful futures in the tech industry. Since its founding in 2011, the organization has expanded to offer courses in robotics, web design, and game programming to help jumpstart a new generation of innovators.

Breast Cancer Action

Breast Cancer Action takes an activist approach to combating breast cancer. Through systemic intervention, the watchdog organization seeks to create a world where no community bears a disproportionate burden of diagnosis or death due to underlying social injustices.


Carbonfund provides a simplified platform for individuals, businesses, and organizations to reduce and offset their climate impact. They aspire to facilitate a global transition to clean energy through community outreach, climate change education, and cost-effective carbon offset initiatives. To actively reduce carbon emissions, Carbonfund also supports renewable energy infrastructure projects and reforestation efforts.

CDP COVID-19 Response Fund

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Salad Chefs provided vital material support for global treatment and hospitalization efforts through the Center for Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund.

Centre for Effective Altruism

The Centre for Effective Altruism develops evidence-based strategies to improve nonprofit organizations. To help build a better world, this community of researchers inculcate practical approaches that maximize the impact of charitable resources.

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals raises funds for more than 170 children's hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. Their network has raised more than $7B to ensure that every child receives the best possible care, especially when state assistance and insurance programs do not fully cover the associated costs of medical treatment.

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope was founded in 1994 by Hal Donaldson with a goal to feed the world’s hungry no matter where they are. The term convoy comes from the non-profit’s first tractor-trailer, which displays the organization's name on the side. Convoy of Hope routinely partners with faith-based organizations, businesses, and community groups in the areas they serve.

Covenant House

For forty years, Covenant House has helped transform the lives of more than a million homeless, runaway, and trafficked young people. Their charters offer housing and support services to over 50,000 youth every year, including kids who have experienced juvenile detention, endured traumatic childhood experiences, or aged out of state care.

Cure Sanfilippo Foundation

Sanfilippo Syndrome (also known as MPS III) is a rare, progressive, and fatal disease affecting 1 in 70,000 children. It is a genetic condition that affects the metabolism of cellular waste molecules, resulting in severe damage to the body and brain. Cure Sanfilippo Foundation conducts and funds clinical research in hopes of finding a cure.

debra of America

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a rare and genetic connective tissue disorder. It takes many forms, but most people with EB share the symptom of fragile skin that blisters and tears from minor friction or trauma. debra of America funds innovative research into symptom relief and potential cures, while providing no-cost treatment for a community of more than 25,000 Americans born with EB.

Diecézní Charita Brno

In July 2021, the Diocesan Charity of Brno provided disaster relief to people affected by severe tornadoes in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. Donations support rebuilding and relocation efforts, first response services, and medical care. DCB operates from the city of Brno, and is a subsidiary of Caritas CR, the oldest charitable organization in the Czech Republic.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) advocates for and defends civil liberties on digital platforms. Their mission is to ensure that everyone has the right of access to technology and free speech on the web. EFF employs technologists, activists, and attorneys across the globe to empower individuals into knowing their rights in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Environmental Defense Fund

The EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) seeks to bridge the gap between scientific study and inaction. They tackle the biggest environmental issues—climate, energy, ecosystems, oceans, and personal health—by developing evidence-based solutions that endure the test of time.

Extra Life

Extra Life invites thousands of gamers around the globe to marathon their favorite games to generate life-saving donations for their local Children's Miracle Network hospital. Since its founding, Extra Life has raised over $70M for sick and injured kids.

Friends of the Donnelly Library

Nestled in the little mountain town of Donnelly, Idaho is a log cabin library that serves as a place for people of all ages to visit, read, and socialize. The Friends of the Donnelly Library are grateful for donations that help fund programs, services, and projects for Donnelly and the surrounding area.

Innocence Project

Innocence Project is a legal defense fund established in 1992 to exonerate the wrongly convicted through DNA testing, provide social services support to exonerees, and pursue criminal justice reform legislation to prevent future injustices.

K9s for Warriors

Determined to end veteran suicide, K9s For Warriors provides highly-trained service dogs to military veterans suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and/or military sexual trauma. This innovative, science-backed program helps enrolled veterans build unwavering bonds with dogs rescued from high-kill shelters in order to facilitate their collective healing and recovery.

Kantha Bopha Foundation Children's Hospitals

Founded by Swiss pediatrician and concert cellist Beat Richner, Kantha Bopha Foundation Children's Hospitals offers free medical services to a half-million children per year at five clinics across Cambodia. In addition, the consortium also offers internationally-renowned postgraduate medical studies programs in the fields of immunology, infectious pathology, pediatrics, and hospital management.

Lebanese Red Cross

On August 4, 2020, an unforeseen explosion at the Port of Beirut killed 190 people, wounded 6,000 more, and destroyed homes and major infrastructure in Lebanon's capital city. Since then, the Lebanese Red Cross has provided free ambulance, blood, and primary health services to more than 28,000 families affected by the tragedy, along with ongoing support to local rebuilding and medical aid projects.

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a non-profit research organization investigating the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics. MAPS has published landmark studies on assisted psychotherapy treatments for anxiety, PTSD, and trauma that incorporate clinical doses of marijuana, psilocybin, and other psychedelics.

National Ability Center

Hailing from Salad's home state of Utah, National Ability Center makes outdoor recreation accessible to all through adaptive sport outings and adventures. Their inclusive programming is designed to build positive communities around a love for physical activity, and to establish organic support networks for people of all abilities.

National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society is a charity dedicated to helping people on the autism spectrum access better counseling, assistance, and resources. NAS has campaigned for improved rights, services, and opportunities for autistic people in the UK since 1962.

NSW Rural Fire Service

When devastating bushfires broke out in Australia's southeastern states of New South Wales and Victoria, the Salad Chefs supported the ground-level firefighting efforts of volunteer NSW Rural Fire Service (NSWRFS) brigades—including the brave bunch on the Duckmaloi brigade, Bob's former outfit.


When devastating bushfires broke out in Australia's southeastern states of New South Wales and Victoria, the Salad Chefs sprang into action to help NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue, and Education Service (WIRES) volunteers relocate threatened and endangered wildlife.

OASIS Refuge

OASIS Refuge is a care facility for young women and girls who have survived human trafficking. In addition to housing, their volunteers provide mental health counseling, recreation, and skill-building workshops so that all residents may heal and grow.

1% for the Planet

As an avid outdoorsman and a self-taught biofuel expert, our founder has always been keen to protect our greenest pastures. That's why Salad has partnered with One Percent for the Planet since day one. We commit a growing share of our annual proceeds to offsetting our carbon footprint and helping our planet thrive.

Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation aims to fund research for the treatment and cure of childhood cancer. Since 1982, the foundation has raised over $54 million for groundbreaking advances in treatments. They aim to develop cures where none exist and improve existing ones so children can live happy, stress-free lives.

Protect Our Winters (POW)

Protect Our Winters (POW) is a passionate community of outdoorspeople dedicated to protecting the natural places they love from climate change. Founded in 2007 by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones, POW advances non-partisan policies such as carbon pricing, electrified transit, renewable energy research, and the protection of public lands from commercial resource extraction.


RAIN conducts workshops and mounts local initiatives to reforest, regenerate, and rewild degraded land in Brazil's rainforest regions and other critically endangered ecosystems. In partnership with indigenous nations, rural cooperatives, and urban associations, RAIN empowers people to love their environments and participate in agroecological preservation.

Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Action Network (RAN) believes in a world where forests are healthy, the climate is stable, and wild biodiversity is protected and celebrated. In partnership with Indigenous and frontline communities, RAN preserves fragile ecosystems, restores justice, and upholds human rights by challenging corporate interests through direct strategic funding.


(RED) partners with internationally-recognized brands to create products and experiences that directly support their Global Fund for epidemic disease programs. To date, proceeds from (RED) partnerships have generated more than $650M to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria throughout Africa. Global Fund grants impact millions of lives each year with HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, counseling, testing, and care services.

Save the Children

Save the Children believes that every child deserves a chance to grow up. By conducting humanitarian interventions in crisis zones around the world, Save the Children has helped over one billion children affected by starvation, disease, and war trauma since 1919.


Shatterproof is changing the conversation on addiction in America through compassionate outreach. By providing evidence-based resources for addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery, Shatterproof has built a national support network for those suffering from the chronic but treatable disease of substance addiction.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is the world's leading pediatric research clinic, dedicated to advancing cures, prevention, and treatment for catastrophic childhood diseases. Supported entirely by charitable contributions, the hospital admits 7,800 children per year at no cost to families. Treatments invented at St. Jude's are freely promulgated, and have helped raise the national childhood cancer survival rate to 80%.

Superior Watershed Partnership & Land Conservancy

Superior Watershed Partnership and Land Conservancy creates science-based conservation programs to protect the Great Lakes and its watershed ecosystems. Their innovative approaches to pollution prevention, habitat restoration, and energy conservation defend the health of both local human communities and indigenous fauna.


The crew that planted #TeamTrees is back at it! #TeamSeas is a global campaign to clean up the world's waves by removing millions of pounds of ocean-bound plastics and other anthropogenic waste. For every dollar donated, #TeamSeas and their environmental partners can fund the removal of one pound of trash from a threatened aquatic ecosystem.


Team Trees is a project founded by YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober to support global reforestation efforts. For every dollar donated through Team Trees, the Arbor Day Foundation plants one tree in whichever part of the global ecosystem needs it most.

Texas School for the Deaf Foundation

Texas School for the Deaf Foundation is a statewide resource center for Texan families, students, and professionals working with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The institute provides direct educational services from early development through adulthood, designed for students who are deaf, hard of hearing, or affected by other disabilities.

Tree Aid

Foresters established Tree Aid in 1987 to combat widespread famine in Ethiopia. Today, their volunteers have planted nearly 22 million trees in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Niger, and Ethiopia, as part of a reforestation effort to halt the desertification of the African drylands and create sustainable food for local communities affected by climate change.

Trees For the Future

Trees for the Future seeks to break the cycles of hunger and poverty by educating impoverished farming communities about sustainable land use. By making better use of their land, these communities can grow their economies and produce thriving food ecosystems for themselves and the world around them.

The Trevor Project

Since its founding in 1998, The Trevor Project and its support network of certified professionals has offered crisis intervention and suicide prevention counseling to millions of LGBTQ youth throughout the United States. In honor of Pride Month 2021, we invited Salad Chefs to join us in supporting young LGBTQ Americans.

The Uyghur Human Rights Project

The Uyghur Human Rights Project was founded in 2004 with the goal of promoting news, advocacy, and awareness of the Uyghur culture in central Asia. The group relies on charitable donations to publish reports and analyses about the ongoing persecution of the Uyghur people.

Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion (TEMA)

Since 1992, the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion (TEMA) has planted thousands of trees, plants, and shrubs along Turkey's major highways and in other regions that are threatened by soil erosion. TEMA has created millions of hectares of new forest, effectively revitalizing indigenous species of oak, cypress, and Turkish pine.

Voices of Children

The Voices of Children foundation offers humanitarian support to Ukrainian children and families affected by war. Since 2015 Voices has used funding from charitable contributions to provide psychological assistance to those traumatized by war, including kid-friendly treatment programs in art therapy and emotional counseling.

Wikimedia Foundation

As one of the most-visited sites on the web, Wikipedia is the free, multilingual encyclopedia that keeps the world informed. The Wikimedia Foundation maintains and validates every entry of its collaborative reference works through user contributions.

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) began in 2003 as a grassroots effort to provide basic care and comfort resources to hospitalized U.S. service members wounded in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, WWP has grown to offer post-service mental health services, career counseling, and long-term rehabilitative support for millions of soldiers and their families.